A former UK government adviser on drugs policy has now claimed that the traditional ‘hash’ varieties of cannabis are some of the least harmful drugs available in the British Isles, less harmful than tobacco, alcohol, ketamine, methadone and any number of other substances.

The Drugs Live team on the UK’s channel 4 assessed the different impacts of the drug on the brain depending on the different compounds present. They grouped different strains together grouping together strains like skunk with high levels of THC and low levels of CBD and hash with roughly equal amounts of THC and CBD. Professor Nutt said that skunk is about a third as dangerous as alcohol and more dangerous than some other drugs like class-c benzodiazepines, hash was the least harmful drug of all.

Professor David Nutt, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, was let go from his role as the Government’s chief advisor on drugs because he disagreed with policies that ranked cannabis more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. He appeared on the program and discussed his 2010 ‘harm index’ that ranked alcohol as three times more harmful than cannabis. This harm index was based on the damage done to both the individual and society and took into account over thirty years of research. In the recent experiment they discovered that while THC can be a little dangerous, strains of weed that are high in CBD aren’t as bad, as the CBD offsets any ill effects of the THC.

Professor Nutt says that the skunk strains should stay where they currently are on the index, but the hash strains should be moved down to the least-harmful end, as it’s safer than heroin, crack, meth, cocaine, tobacco, amphetamine, GHB, Benzobiazepines, ketamine and methadone.

And he smoked weed on TV with a bunch of talk show hosts to prove it. If they pulled that on the View I would look up what channel the View is on to watch it, realize I’ve already missed it, and then look up the clip on YouTube.