Della Au Belatti, Hawaii’s state representative announced plans to introduce a new legislation that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open in Aloha by the year 2017. House Committees approved HB321 and it will now be moved to the financial sector of the committee for the next stage.

Hawaii became the first legislative body to fully legalise medicinal marijuana in the year 2000, and now there are over 13,000 registered patients who are allowed to cultivate their own medical marijuana at home. However, many of these patients are too ill to grow the marijuana themselves, so they need a supply of readily accessible marijuana in order to treat their condition.

One of the state’s registered marijuana patients, Michelle Tippens was injured in a car accident. She received multiple fractures in her spinal cord as well as a brain injury. She will be one of the many people present at the committee meeting, sharing her her story and explaining why Hawaii is in need of local distribution facilities. Michelle Tippens has also stated that she was on over 12 different medications after the accident, yet after taking medicinal marijuana, she hasn’t had to take any of them at all.

The 321 House Bill aims to establish a system that regulates and licenses a total of 26 dispensaries. According to the bill, dispensaries must be located over 700 feet away from playgrounds, schools and public housing. It will also impose a tracking system for seeds sold through the dispensary to stop plants from leaking out into the streets. The bill still allows people to grow their own marijuana at home, as long as it is solely for medicinal use. Users must also be medically registered and approved in order to do this.