By Stefan Stone

I visited over 100 booths! My next place I was destined to go to before the convention’s end was the Rooster Apparatusâ. If you didn’t stop here, you sincerely missed the best dab apparatus utensil to smoke out of. I can’t stress that enough! Dave Goldstein created the apparatus masterpiece. I enjoy saying that word since stopping at his booth, apparatus. You will want to more also when you take a clear inhale off one of his apparatuses.


He started initially blowing glasswork in 1974 in the Washington D.C. area. He learned to blow glass from a bunch of unsung heroes from the WWII era. They blew vaccum tubes for WWII. It matters because those were the gentlemen that introduced him to what he was able to create today. No they really didn’t know what a water pipe was back then. Was there one? Probably not, but you get the point.


On 4/20/2011, hilarious, Dave took his first dab hit off his finished prototype Rooster Apparatusâ (patent pending) & he said, “It was the best bong riff I have ever taken.” After 37 years of smoking cannabis, 1 oz a week almost average, he quit & went to dabs! I was stunned. My jaw dropped once again.


But when I did use the Rooster Apparatusâ, it was the best apparatus I used at the show that gave the best floral taste out of the dab. I know you’re like where was the temperature? 710, duh! Dave said this unit can recycle the dabs into uses for certain cancer patients to help them heal body & it really is the one that works! When you inhale correctly with his apparatus, it really generates “the most fizz in the biz!”


He has his patent pending currently because he is the first to do his type of smoking utensil. The Rooster Apparatusâ really took my vote at the end of the expo as the lone utensil I would buy if I had own just one water pipe to dab with. The Rooster Apparatusâ creator was once offered sobriety or dabs? What do you think he took? He took The Rooster Apparatusâ! I have to agree with him! If I were smoking cannabis, I too after smoking The Rooster Apparatusâ, would turn to just dabbing. I could go on for pages about what he spoke to me about The Rooster Apparatusâ. I just kept thinking, Pew Pew! Darby Holm’s Slime Gun! The visit with Dave had to be the overall highlight of my entire expo adventure. Did I say I was born in the year of the Rooster? Yeah, I can be one too like Dave!


Apparatus was said 15 times in here. By now you’re thinking, he must be dabbed out!


— This is an excerpt of our coverage of the American Glass Expo. For more about the expo, including a rundown of the bestest hitting and most beauteous pieces, see our article in Dabs Magazine’s First Issue, coming this March.