An 80-year-old grandmother was jailed for possession of less than an eighth of cannabis after sheriffs deputies in Michigan found that her medical marijuana recommendation card had expired. Unfortunately, it gets even more stupid.

Delores Saltzman had never been in jail before, but deputies not only saw fit to jail her for her possession with an expired card, but also felt the need to handcuff an elderly woman suffering from arthritis on her ride to jail.

The trouble began when Clare County Sheriff’s Deputy Ashley Gruno arrived at Saltzman’s residence last month, apparently looking for Saltzman’s great-granddaughter to return her lost ID and phone. When Gruno asked Saltzman about the cannabis smell in the air, the octogenarian said it was hers.

Gruno then seized several pipes, four joints, a grinder, and a jar containing less an eighth of an ounce of marijuana. The deputy then took Saltzman to jail, but not before, according to Saltzman, she helped the great-grandmother clean her kitchen. Okay!

Saltzman told Fox 17 West Michigan that she uses medical cannabis to treat symptoms of arthritis, diverticulitis, and muscle and bone aches. She said the medicine “saved my life because I had a bad bleed four years ago,” meaning she had suffered stomach bleeds from the opioids she had previously been using to treat her pain.

Now, she says, “After I smoke I go down to a one, pain-wise. Before I smoke, I would say I’m an 8 right now.”

Clare County Sheriff John Wilson stood by the actions of his deputy, writing in a statement, “What the person was doing was illegal, had she renewed her medical marijuana card she would have been fine.”

Saltzman has since renewed her medical marijuana card and prosecutors dismissed her case.

Photo via Flickr user Ola Gilkin