A famed sporting event in Spain has been the undoing of a mid-sized cannabis grow operation. Helicopter footage from the popular bicycle race, Vuelta a España, revealed 40 cannabis plants on a rooftop over looking the raceway in the town of Igualada.

Adding insult to injury for the owners of the crop, the authorities didn’t even notice the weed plants in the footage when it ran on TV. It wasn’t until someone posted a screengrab of the footage on social media pointing out the ganja that authorities took note.

“We received information via social media that there was a marijuana plantation on the roof of a block of flats in Igualada,”  said a spokesperson for the local police, as reported by The Guardian.

“We began an investigation, which is still under way, and we have seized 40 plants. For the moment, there have been no arrests.”

The plants found growing on the rooftop terrace were not connected to the nearby flats, so authorities were still unsure whose weed it was. But one thing is for sure: it ain’t their weed no more. All plants were seized upon their discovery.

Though cannabis is decriminalized in Spain, growing it is still illegal.

The incident comes in the middle of the Vuelta’s insano 21 day endurance test. Racers go around most of Spain and also cross into France and Andorra. La Vuelta will come to an end on September 15.

Photo via Flickr user 7th Groove