Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the face of this Earth.  What used to be the country’s most harvested plant, is now in a fight to become legally grown again, after being lumped into the unethical war against drugs.  After the Hemp Industries Association won its lawsuit against the DEA in 2004, the hemp movement has grown nation-wide, with nearly half of the country capable of growing their own hemp to some capacity.

Clearing the Air

Education on the difference between the hemp plant and marijuana is the first step to winning the freedom to grow it like as any other plant in your backyard, provided you have enough land to do so.  The differences between hemp and “weed” is clear as day: one contains levels of the psychoactive chemical, known as THC, that get you high, while the other contains insignificant amounts in which you will never be able to consume enough of it to ever feel anything.  Hemp is a recreation material, not a drug.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

One of the numerous products of hemp seeing a surge in interest is hemp oil.  This is taken from the hemp seeds themselves and is similar to vegetable oil, containing no THC, rather a highly nutritious and healthy serving of fat, with only a gram of saturated fat in each tablespoon.  This offers a superior alternative to canola oil and animal fats like butter or lard.  Similar to fish oil, hemp oil also contains its own fatty acids that actually fight heart disease.

Hemp oil is also found to contain lower amounts of other essential nutrients and amino acids, like calcium, potassium, folate, vitamin E, B-6, magnesium, and copper.  These nutrients, combined with a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids gives hemp oil a great case for being a natural defender of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and risk of cancer.  That’s why people are showing such a huge interest in hemp-based products like hemp oil.

Hemp oil has a nutty, earthy taste, which can bring a new dimension to traditional recipes like sautéed vegetables, fish, and salad dressings.  It tastes great in just about any type of recipe, save for fried foods, as it loses its quality and flavor at high temps.  The research in the recent decade on hemp oil is exciting and it will only get better in the next few years as funding for trials increases and the stigma on hemp is dismantled.