These days if you throw a rock in California you’ll probably hit a cannabis competition. Maybe it will be a Secret Cup or maybe it will be one of four Cannabis Cups thrown up in the state by High Times this year. But hopefully it won’t be Chalice California, because it’d be a shame to break all that pretty glass.

This year’s third annual festival saw many, many highlights. Besides the hash that could knock you on the ass with one good dab, there was also some musical greatness drifting through the sweet vapey air including live performances from Wu-Tang Clan, Migos, Talib Kweli, and Madlib, among many, many others.

As for extracts, the three day festival had many big winners. Gold Coast Extracts scored big in solvent categories, taking prizes for both their sativa and indica offerings. The Proper Extracts and DNA Genetics dominated the Non-Solvent and Rosin categories, taking first place in the former category and second in the latter. Chalice also added a few new categories. They honored the science in the art of extraction with a fresh Fractional Distillation category and created separate honors for Vape Cartridges.

Here’s the complete list of winners for this year’s competition:


Grand Prize

Exclusive OG, Exclusive Melts


1st: Clementine, WEED.RAR

2nd: Apple Jaxx PHO Shatter, Old School Extracts

3rd: Strawberry Citrix Budder, Gold Coast Extracts


1st: Exclusive OG, OG Melts

2nd: Mega Wellness, Nature’s Lab/Nameless Genetics

3rd: Mega Supreme OG Budder, Gold Coast Extracts


1st: Sour Banana Sherbert, The Proper Extracts/DNA Genetics

2nd: Sleetstack, The Proper Extracts/DNA Genetics

3rd: Cookies, Mally


1st: Zkittles, Moonshine Melts/Dying Breed/Terp Hogs/3rd Gen

2nd: Clementine #1, The Proper Extracts/DNA Genetics

3rd: Sour Banana Sherbert #12, The Proper Extracts/DNA Genetics


Grand Prize

Do-Si-Dos, Pin High Farms


1st: Sumo Tangie, Cali Kush Farms

2nd: Farmers Reserve Elmers Glue, Farmers Reserve

3rd: VVS Cookies, Hollywood High Grade


1st: Do-Si-Dos, Pin High farms

2nd: Nameless OG, Nameless Genetics

3rd: White Fire OG, Pin High Farms


1st: Bhang Pure CBD Crystaline, Bhang

2nd: ACDC, Gold Drop

3rd: 99.9% CBD Crystalline w/ Grape Stomper Terpenes

Fractional Distillation

1st: Super Lemon Haze, Capna Labs

2nd: Super Star, Green Peak Management/Bird Man

3rd: King Louie OG, Tree Base Klear

Vape Cartridge

1st: Cherry Limeade Virgin Cold Pressed Extract, The Highest Grade

2nd: Banana Cookies Vape Cartridge, WVapes


1st: Strawberry Mochi, Beezle

2nd (tie): Habit Sparkling Strawberry, Ninja Labs

2nd (tie): Cannabis Caramel Mocha, Bhang

3rd: Grape Aid, Mary Jane Juice Co./Bad Wizard


1st: CAD Pain Cream, CAD

2nd: Cocoa and Shea Medicated Body Butter, Calvin and Globz

3rd: CAD Anne & Sarah’s Body Butter, CAD

Glass Pendants

1st: CRS

2nd: Reyna

3rd: Chaos Theory by Zam

Image via Chalice Festival’s IG