A bunch of nerds have crunched a bunch of nerdy numbers and then made a nerdy map which says which states are the chillest to live in if you are chill and also on a budget.

The map above was all color-coded and stuff by mega-nerd, data analyst, and news reporter Frank Bi at Forbes. If you are in one of the states that’s stripey green, then weed is legal. Also, it is probably cheap. In Oregon, where Salem is the state capitol as you know if you are a nerd, weed only costs an average of $204 an ounce. Pretty chill. Almost as chill are the other states in which cannabis prohibition has been abolished, Washington, Colorado, and Alaska, where an ounce averages $232, $243, $294 respectively (damn it, I hate when nerd words get into my brain).

California proves to be a whole dollar chiller than Colorado, with their ounces costing a sick average of $242.

On the momentously unchill end of the spectrum is North Dakota, which has the priciest weed in the whole land of the free. Over there, the cannabis flower will set you back an average of $387 per ounce. And in Washington, D.C., where dank nugs are supposedly legal, an ounce still costs $346 because they are all a bunch of political nerds who aren’t chill.

Parker Winship