Following their viral hit “Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time” (over 20.5 million views and counting), the aggressively vanilla video group The Cut released “Ex-Cops Smoking Weed” on 4/20. The idea is cool. What comes of it is mildly interesting, not unlike hanging out with a couple really normal old white dudes who are mildly stoned off a bong hit.

The Cut guys try to get things a little risqué, asking if they former cops have arrested many people for possession, or if they get horny when they’re stoned. The answers are not controversial, or particularly colorful. One highlight is when two of the ex-cops disagree over whether weed is a gateway drug. And there is a pretty good nugget in there of a stoned 73-year-old with a mustache talking about sex.

All in all, these are dudes I’d rather have a bong hit with than watch a video about them taking bong hits. Kind of like any video on YouTube where peeps dab or smoke. Except this one has better sound.