4/20 isn’t just a holiday for connoisseurs of cannabis anymore. It’s also celebrated by marketers of entertainment, junk food, and basically any product that can appeal to someone of the weed-hitting persuasion. We’re not quite at the point yet where drugstores stock up on 4/20 greetings cards, green-packaged candy and plush marijuana leaves before the holiday, but we’re not that far off either.

For your pleasure, we’ve compiled every noteworthy (good, bad, and ugly) weed-related marketing ploy released on this year’s April 20th.

There’s the premiere of the new Comedy Central show Time Travelling Bong from Broad City co-creator Ilana Glazer. It’s about exactly what it sounds like it’s about and the first episode is free online right now here.

And Rihanna chose this sacred debut to release her new badass music video “Needed Me,” featuring blunts, nudity, big guns, hot cars, pretty waves, and what look a lot like real-deal Floridan freaky criminals, by way of visionary Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine.

There are tweets, of course. Like one from the recently incarcerated ice cream duo Ben & Jerry and a slightly more surprising one from the offices of TV Guide, whose social media people are almost certainly dabbed out given this tweet.

The dumbest 4/20 stunt we’ve seen comes from Snapchat, which created a Bob Marley lens for the day that merges its user’s picture with the face of the late great reggae singer, essentially giving white users blackface with the touch of a button. The backlash, more than justifiably, has begun.

More our speed was The Onion’s satirical Timeline of Marijuana Legalization, a biting piece that takes the piss out of both oppressive drug war championing lawmakers and ineffectual stoners.

Whatever you did on 4/20, hope it wasn’t spent sifting through this stuff on your phone’s web browser. Hopefully you spent it instead appreciating nature and humanity between rig hits. Junky click bait can wait until the day after. Thanks for choosing ours.