In our current form of capitalism, there has always got to be a champagne room, or a VIP pass, or a first class, or a box seat. There has to be an extra-special, extra expensive variety of every product or service so that those with more money than they can spend can find a way to spend some of it.

But with marijuana, that’s a little bit of a problem. Because weed only gets so good. If you know a good dispensary or a buddy who grows their own hydroponic, 23% THC, pesticide-free buds, that’s about the best you’re going to find. Being a billionaire won’t really help you. And there’s an equivalent for concentrates too: it only gets so good.

So, the only way you can make more money selling weed to rich people than to poor people is to charge a premium on presentation and delivery. Plastic baggies from a guy in a wife-beater won’t do the job, nor will a plastic container from the shop in the strip mall.

How about a thousand dollar box brought right to your door? It’s smell-proof, locked, and made from aged wine barrels, and full of specially curated mix of cannabis products in some really nice jars and a journal, for some reason. That’s just one of the services you get from the premium cannabis mail subscription service Club M in California.

The service is “not for pot heads,” the company’s founder Chris Husong told Quartz recently. The mainstay of the company for now are $97 a month subscriptions full of concentrates and buds and other stuff all in a box labeled “Perfect Moments” that looks kind of like an encyclopedia and will fit on your finished mahogany bookshelf next to all your leather-bound books, according to the company’s promo video.

Husong says his customers use his subscription’s products “to aid wellness and creativity,” not for practical medicinal purposes like pain relief. “Our members are always looking to create perfect moments, and this subscription makes those moments even more elegant,” he says.

The thousand dollar boxes have only been sent to 20 customers so far, but Husong says the company plans to expand them this coming year into quarterly subscription packages, complete with celebrity-endorsed cannabis goods (just like any dispensary from San Diego to San Francisco).

Club M is far from the only subscription cannabis game in town. Au Box, a “luxury experience” for female cannabis consumers, was founded this year by Jessica VerSteeg, former model and semi-celebrity contestant on Amazing Race.