If a nice 77% THC ice hash and/or the savory-sweet Moroccan delicacy mahjoun are some things you might dig, then gather your pick, shovel, and miner’s helmet because you’re going to excavate the shit out of this video we just stumbled upon.

Not only does this video give you real insight into how to make quality bubble hash and bomb infused Moroccan finger food at the same time, it’s also about eleventy-hundred times more fun to watch than most hash how-to videos shot with a laptop cam in a living room. Coming as it does from the Munchies folks, the video works like some cross between a Nat Geo doc, a cooking show, and a Harold and Kumar stoner comedy.

So, check out some peeps making hash by the trashcan full, learn to be a better cook. What else are you going to do for 12 minutes?