For the connoisseur of great anti-drug videos, here’s one almost as good as Pee Wee Herman talking about crack or Baby Kermit and Alf trying to talk a kid out of his weed addiction.

“The Truth About Marijuana” from the Church of Scientology is a winner right from the beginning: quick flashes of people smoking weed and big bold white words like “GANJA,” “GRASS” and “CUSH” [sic]. It’s a lot like that brainwashing movie from A Clockwork Orange, except the music isn’t as good.

Other highlights from the video include:

  • “[Weed] can be green, brown or gray.”
  • “There’s a misconception that it isn’t addictive… I would be up for days when I wasn’t on it.”
  • After you smoke for awhile, your tolerance shoots up, “you can’t get high so you go out in search of other drugs… heroin… oxycontin… cocaine… meth.”

If you want to feel gross, you can watch the whole thing here. But we recommend taking a tall dab beforehand to shield your brain from the alien level of out-of-touchness exhibited by a group that says, “Sixty percent of teenagers in drug treatment programs are there because of marijuana” and that some of the most common slang terms for weed are “astro turf,” “texas tea” and “sh.”


Photo via Flickr user Aaron Stroot