Sometimes you got to fight fire with fire OG. Sometimes the only cure for a tree blaze is blazing some trees. Etc., etc. Now that we took some easy shots, here’s some actual news…

Two Northern California marijuana dispensaries are giving out their wares in aid to the victims hit hard by the forest fires currently terrorizing that region. Through October 7, both Care By Design and AbsoluteXtracts are giving out up to $200 worth of cannabis to local patients who’ve been hit hard by the fires, according to the LA Times.

In order to qualify for the dank aid, patients must of course have a valid doctor’s recommendation and a home address in Cobb, Kelseyville, Middletown or Hidden Valley Lake, areas devastated by the blaze. So far the Valley fire, one of the worst in California history, has scorched 118 square miles of earth, and claimed four lives and almost 2,000 homes.

A cynical soul could look at the giveaway as a publicity stunt or argue that the victims might be better served by funds toward temporary housing, but the cannabis donations could do more good than meets the eye. A recent study showed that cannabis use can actually eliminate 100% of PTSD symptoms if administered during or directly after a trauma in rats. Rats aren’t human, but losing your house or a loved one is pretty traumatic so the free pot could be saving literally buttloads of grief for some NoCal patients.

So far the two companies have handed out $20,000 worth of products. “This disaster happened in our own backyard. As a company that prides itself on putting patient needs first, we felt there was no better time to reach out and help our neighbors in their time of need,” a joint statement by the two companies said.