The VW microbus is now celebrating its 65th anniversary. There have been over 5 million type 2 VW microbuses made since 1950, and many of them were adopted by hippie & stoner families. But what made these vehicles so loved by stoners, and why have they gone down in history?

VW buses are incredibly cheap to purchase, not to mention dependable. The great thing about the VW microbus is that it gives you plenty of places to hide your drugs, and they look pretty cool as well. These features all make sense, but it doesn’t really explain why they are so loved by stoners. If you have ever owned a VW microbus, you’ll know that they aren’t just classed as a vehicle. You take them into your family, you grow with them, share your life experiences with them and you celebrate milestones with them as well. That’s why so many people mourn their VW microbus when their time comes to an end.

Since then, millions and millions of identical buses have been made. Once they arrived with their families however, they became works of art that is special to each and every owner. You see, the VW microbus isn’t just a piece of transportation that takes you from A to B, it is something so much more, and with plenty of pot storage, it really is no wonder that this vehicle is a must-have for any pot smoking groovy hippie.

In fact, the VW microbus is so loved, that many people choose to repair it over purchasing a brand new vehicle for a cheaper price.

Regardless of this, the VW microbus is a legendary piece of machinery and it has become a part of many people’s lives, and it continues to be a favorite choice among pot heads worldwide.

Parker Winship