The Marijuana Policy Project reform group has called for a nationwide boycott of Holiday Inn. The hotel management company that owns the inn has filed a federal lawsuit that aims to shut down the Colorado’s legal marijuana program. New Vision Hotels Two, LLC has also filed a lawsuit claiming that business at their Frisco location has suffered after a dispensary set up nearby.

Though the shop has not even opened its doors yet, New Vision says some of their guests are concerned about the potential crime that a legal marijuana shop could bring about. If that was the concern of your average hotel guest, then it would mean business has suffered at every hotel in the greater Los Angeles area, as a whole lot of them are near a dispensary, but there are no numbers supporting that.

The suit argues that under the U.S Constitution’s supremacy clause, federal law takes precedence over any state law and marijuana is still actually illegal at a federal level.

MPP called for the boycott in an email that went out to around 200,000 subscribers. The update was also posted on Twitter and Facebook pages. On top of this, MPP also launched a petition. This called for New Vision Hotels Two to withdraw the suit, as well as asking Intercontinental, Holiday Inn’s parent company to withdraw the suit. The petition already has over 10,000 signatures.

New Vision Hotels have not replied or responded to the request for comment.