Sloths and stoners should have gotten together a long time ago. They compliment each other in innumerable ways. Both are sleepy, both are illegal in most states, and both have a tendency to wear their hair shaggy.

The Man even tried to put down stoners by comparing them to sloths when Australia launched it’s (admittedly kind of great) anti-drug PSA #stonersloth campaign. Though the government-sponsored commercials are fun to watch (check them out below), the message is a little unclear. First off, they appeal to a stoner sense of humor (they’re especially fun to watch after a dab or two).

Secondly, everyone (stoners included) loves sloths. There’s that viral video of the sloth in pajamas and the thing when Kristen Bell got a panic attack from loving sloths too much. Demand for black market pet sloths is so high that they rank as third most popular illegal good in Colombia after cocaine and weapons, according to Born Free USA, a database on exotic animals.

Maybe the anti-drug Ozzies put a germ in the minds of deep-pocketed stoners by associating the creatures with weed because now there’s a video of potheads getting surprised mid-high by the sudden and awesome appearance of a sloth beside them.

The video from BuzzFeed (a work of genius in the realm of click-bait viralness) features a range of stoner reactions to finding themselves face to face with the beloved sleepy animal. Some cry, some are indifferent, and some believe they’ve witnessed a miracle (“I’ve never felt more magic in my life. I said ‘sloth’ and then a sloth was here!”).

Check it out for yourself and maybe, when the freedom fighters are done getting weed legal, we can work on making sloths legal too so there can be one in every stoner’s home.