As if the blasters of America didn’t have enough to worry about. Even in states where you can legally sell hash oil, you usually can’t legally make it (well, sometimes you can if the state blesses you as an official blaster), and then you got municipal cops, sheriffs, state troopers, and DEA all breathing down your neck when all you want to do is supply the world with a choice slab. And now, on top of all that, extraction artists got to put eyes in the back of their heads for terrorism G-men too.

KIRO 7 News reported that a unit of Homeland Security agents out to serve a warrant for some Homeland Security stuff accidentally stumbled on a hash oil extraction operation Friday. When the set-up involving flammable gas was discovered, the Claire Danes types stepped back and let the Seattle Fire Department take over. Firefighters were seen lining Greenwood Avenue in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.


“There were multiple canisters of compressed gas, and they were not sure what was in those canisters, and if the atmosphere was safe,” Seattle Fire Lt. Sue Stangl told Kiro.

Though some butane canisters were discovered, none were leaking, so the area was deemed cool and the Homeland Security agents got back in their and served their warrant.

No word yet on whether the hash oil operation was actually linked to the persons targeted by the Homeland Security investigation, nor whether anyone has been taken into custody yet. But the Emerald City has just lost some blasters, or maybe some terrorists, or maybe both.