The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act was reintroduced to the House by Rep. Jared Polis on Friday, a bill that would legalize marijuana for recreational use under federal law. If the legalisation does go through, the substance would be taxed same as alcohol and tobacco.

The tax revenue act for marijuana would put into place a federal tax structure for recreational pot, excluding medical marijuana. Blumenauer’s bill would tax recreational marijuana at 10%, before gradually increasing it to a total of 25%. The federal government are set to make around $10 billion this year between taxes brought in by the product and the money saved by not arresting people for possession.

Both bills were introduced on Friday, as lawmakers failed to gain traction on the last congress. Blumenauer however believes that politics are changing, and that republicans may even be warming up to the idea of legalised marijuana. Marijuana advocates believe that a reform is long overdue, and the chairman of the Marijuana Majority, Tom Angell, believes that legislation would stop DEA agents from going after people who use pot in legal states.

Angell also believes that marijuana is much safer than alcohol, and that it should be treated as such rather than being outlawed.

Only time will tell whether or not marijuana will be legalised for recreational use, despite general support from the public for the movement.