Federal marijuana reform could be taking another big step forward. The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) Act was introduced to the House was introduced earlier this week by Representatives Don Young of Alaska and Steve Cohen of Tennessee. The bill will act as sister legislature to the landmark bill introduced to the Senate earlier this soon.

It’s designed to overhaul the policies implemented by the federal government by giving cannabis the chance to prove itself as an effective medicine. 23 states have now legalized pot for medical purposes and they have even established programs to help benefit those who suffer from various ailments.

Regardless of this, pot remains to be a Schedule I substance and this has created a lump in the throat of the marijuana community. The CARERS act however would remedy this by allowing those who use legal marijuana to continue their lives without having to worry about the DEA. It would also move pot from Schedule I to Schedule II. This would mean that doctors can prescribe it for research purposes without having to worry about drug treaty violations.

The CARERS act would also allow veterans to access medical pot and it has also displayed results in the treatment of PTSD. This is one of the main psychological conditions associated with soldiers returning from combat. The act would also remove cannabinoid from the CSA, allowing states to import it without facing any legal consequences.

Some people do believe that this proposal is a long shot, but the Senate Bill has been picking up steam the last couple weeks. The Department of Justice is not allowed to interfere with state medical laws as of yet but this doesn’t rule out the possibility of it becoming legal at a federal level in the upcoming future. Only time will tell.