This last weekend, at the Democratic Presidential Debate in New Hampshire, the world saw the potential future leaders of the free world debate serious drug issues such as the removal of marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances and institutionalized racism involved in severe drug laws.

But meanwhile, on the others side of the country, some other potential future leaders were discussing the drug issues of our times in another competition for a position of great power. And this wasn’t for no penny ante roll like President of the United States. The winner of this contest would be crowned with an authority over the entire Universe, which has neither limits in time nor space.

The competitors for the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant and potential future galactic overlords had some thoughts on the state of cannabis legalization and drug addiction, as reported by Rappler.

Monika Radulovic (AKA Miss Australia) was asked for her opinion on legalizing weed Sunday, and gave an answer more thoughtful than most politicians would, though no less evasive. “Now this topic has its positives and negatives and it’s quite debated. I believe that in certain circumstances legalizing marijuana does have definite benefits,” Radulovic said. “It has been found to be really amazing in treating cancer and has really, really helped those very, very sick, so in that circumstance, I definitely do think yes, we should, but the government should definitely weigh both options.”

Radulovic placed in the top five contestants last weekend but didn’t quite make it to the top. That honor went, briefly, to Miss Colombia Adriana Guiterrez, who was crowned for mere seconds before master of ceremonies Steve Harvey realized he had made a mistake and named the wrong winner. Then Guiterrez’s crown was literally removed from her head and given to Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo.

But before what was probably one of the most embarrassing and traumatic experiences of her life, Guiterrez spoke on the drug crisis, saying that the key to alleviating the issue might be education over incarceration.

“The ideas that I have that we could use to eradicate the problems that unfortunately are affecting our world is in our homes to incentivize education for these problems because they continue to be large problems for the world,” Gutierrez said.

You can watch one of the weirdest moments in live television this year below and maybe do a dab in honor of the contestant’s momentary crusade to end the drug war.