What is Adderall, exactly? Well, let’s start with the main ingredient, namely the amphetamine. It was synthesized for the first time in Germany back in 1887, but the US pharmaceutical companies started to use it 40 years later. Firstly applied as the so called “go pills” on American soldiers, amphetamine and dextroamphetamine helped the US army to overcome fatigue and maintain alertness. Nowadays the latest trend in amphetamine based drugs is Adderall.

What is Adderall to Americans?

In the recent decades, this famous drug brand started to change the opinion of the public about amphetamine. Before that the synthetic ingredient was mainly connected with sex orgies and speed freaks, but once Adderall appeared in 1996 it slowly began to convince people of its benefits. Produced by Shire Pharmaceuticals, the amphetamine based drug was a huge success, especially among people with ADD and ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). In 2001 the company introduced to the market their new product – Adderall XR capsule which targeted regular consumers. In fact, it became a very popular prescription stimulant for students, military, workers and…. everybody who needed almost pure amphetamine.

Nowadays, Adderall is still on high demand. Although it’s perfectly legal drug that you can buy in the pharmacy on the next corner, dealers still profit from it with certain schemes. Their main customers are uninsured students who can’t afford to by the drug on its retail prices, which usually go as high as 6$ to 8$ a pill. However, when the dealers buys prescriptions from military members or students that benefit from their parents’ health insurance, Adderall’s price can easily drop to the ground. For less than a dollar for pill, any dealer can make significant profit from the right people.

More on Amphetamine and Adderall Effects

It’s known for years how amphetamine influences our systems. It affects the release of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain and makes you feel a strong rush of energy and alertness. Still the idea of giving hard drugs to your ADD/ADHD child was never adopted by parents, especially with the reputation of amphetamine still unclear. The solution was simply perfect. Shire Pharmaceuticals nailed it by giving the parents the same drug with different name warped in fancy package. Adderall quickly became a trustworthy product.

Shire found an excellent way to patent production of amphetamine, although its molecule is in the public domain. They made Adderall a mix of four different amphetamine salts. It was an old technique in chemistry used by many other companies on various prescription drugs. Basically, the salts are usually aspartate and sulphate which had amphetamine molecules added to them. Then you can simply mix a few salts and have the molecule in different substances. When you mix them, it’s a brand new drug in the eyes of the unenlightened.