History got made on 4/20/2017. Maybe it wasn’t Archduke-Ferdinand-being-assassinated historic. Maybe it wasn’t even first Franz Ferdinand concert historic. But it was pretty neat.

On April 20, the first ever legal drive-thru cannabis dispensary opened its garage doors to the people of Parachute, Colorado. Built in a former car wash, the new innovation in legal weed-distribution is the latest venue in the Tumbleweed pot shop franchise (they also have a plain old dispensary across the street).

The most surprising feature of the first ever weed drive-thru is that its owners didn’t even have to change a law or permit to do it. The neat trick they pulled off is that the drive-thru works by the same laws as a regular dispensary, as they told NBC 4.

Before a car pulls into the former car wash, a Tumbleweeds employee checks the ID’s of everybody in the vehicle to make sure they’re 21. Then the vehicle pulls into the establishment and garage doors are closed at either end of the drive. That means that the vehicle is technically inside the dispensary, so all the same laws apply to it that would apply to any pot shop.

So clever it’s a wonder no one ever thought of it before. “As far as I can tell we are not aware of this business model ever coming up before,” Robert Goulding, spokesperson for Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, told the Post Independent.

Novel to be sure, and the venture seems to be getting good vibrations, not just from stoners feeling a little lazy, but also from the community at large. “We think the drive-through is a very creative and innovative idea,” Town Manager Stuart McArthur told the Independent. “Tumbleweed has been a good neighbor and has made large investments into town. We’re excited to have Tumbleweed here and get on the map with something that is totally unique.”

But could the novelty of this new enterprise actually be its drawback? Video taken by NBC 4 shows a line of cars waiting to get in. That was, of course, on opening day when even national news outlets were drawn to the spectacle, but keeping the customers flowing in and out could be a problem. Ingenious though it is, the business model of having the client drive into the garage and have their ID’s checked and then have them scope out the merchandise and then buy it means several minutes at the very least per customer. Meanwhile, cars could be backing up all the way out the street.

All that trouble for only 15 varieties of cannabis, 5 days a week. It seems like you might just as easily go into the store itself. But until the day when/if Colorado’s Senate Bill 192, which would legalize weed delivery services, it’s the only way stoners in the state can get their weed without having to get off their asses.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons