There are benefits to the California drought, especially if you like to puff on the weeds. For one, dry farming techniques designed to help conserve water also produce higher THC content in buds, according to Cannabis Now Magazine.

In recent months, cannabis growers have begun to adapt to the drought with sustainability measures such as installing water storage tanks, building ponds to catch rainfall, and maximizing water use through a host of innovative farming techniques. Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the Emerald Growers Association, which reps nearly 150 cannabis farms in California, is also pushing for more government incentive programs to incentive cannabis farmers to conserve water.

While that might be difficult to approve, since the state doesn’t consider cannabis to be an agricultural crop, the drought might force lawmakers to reevaluate the categorization of cannabis in order to help conserve more water (even though marijuana requires less water to grow than beef, for example). In other words, the drought might give the government a logical reason to make cannabis growers feel like their part of the farming community, which will save more water and further loosen regulation in order for the community to implement more water conservation techniques.

So as the state focuses on more important matters, such as conserving water during a historic drought, the cannabis community is benefiting from producing stronger buds and at the same time, finally like feeling like they’re part of the community. Just don’t smoke out of a water pipe.