Georgia Governor Nathan Deal issued an order on Friday that would prepare his state for medical marijuana legalization. The governor has said that he would sign a law that would make the state the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. If the law goes through then it would allow families to possess 20oz of CBD, or cannabidiol for the treatment of eight health conditions. They wouldn’t need to worry about prosecution.

This new law could affect over 500,000 residents and it follows up on a law that has been passed in Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Deal, who is a Republican, has stated that he has reached out to 17 families who have fled Georgia to the state of Colorado in an attempt to legally obtain the substance so they could help their children get the treatment they need.

It follows a trend of other Republican politicans breaking from party lines to follow the wishes of their constituants regarding marijuana law. Senator Rand Paul – a key sponsor of the new federal marijuana bill currently in the senate – preceded him recently.

Analysts have said that Georgia acceptance of marijuana could provide them with a deeper debate to the On the same day that they approved the new act, North Carolina voted without comment to bring down a medical marijuana bill. One of the opponents was supposedly punched in the back by a marijuana activist shortly after the vote took place.