Social media has influenced human life so much that no one in today’s world can live without being affected by it in one way or another. A decade ago a notification meant a completely different thing than what it means today. Today, our days are made up of notifications.

As it turns out, prison inmates are also finding it hard to adapt to a different life void of social media.

It may sound impossible to think that prison inmates can update their Facebook statuses right from where they are, inside the belly of America’s prison industrial complex, not only because cell phones are not allowed in the cells, but because of the very knowledge of bad consequences it can bring. But in reality, prison inmates are all over social media.

There have been hundreds of cases where illegally possessed smart phones and tablet devices have been found in cells, but in spite of the prison authorities’ attempt to combat cell phone use in the cells, there is a rising trend for posting posts, photos and videos in prison.

Unlike in the past, today’s prisoners are allowed to enjoy various limited facilities in prisons such as safe emailing services. TRULINCS is such a system in which prisoners can exchange emails with the general public in a secure manner. Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System allows inmates to exchange emails with their family. It is universally accepted in the prison system that maintaining family ties can improve the likelihood of a successful reentry into the community.

However, the world has come to a point where it should stop and think for a moment. Isn’t social media itself a prison for all?