E-liquid has certainly risen in popularity over recent years, especially with the boom of medical and recreational marijuana. There is, however, a lot of false information that revolves around these vapor pens, so what exactly is e-liquid and is it safe for regular consumption?

Retail stores and dispensaries have been selling CO2 extracted oil with glycerol for some time now. This normally comes in the form of a syringe, which can then be used with a vapor pen. Glycerol makes cannabis less vicious when flowing out of the syringe, while the syringe makes the cannabis oil much easier to apply into the wick and coil atomizer. You can tell if your cannabis has been mixed with glycerol if you can taste a sweet aroma in your e-liquid, because glycerol is often known as sugar alcohol.

If you are ever going to consume something from a vapor pen, you need to make sure that your pen’s ingredients are regulated by the USP.  This ensures that the ingredients are indeed safe and perfectly alright for human consumption. Like, for instance, E-liquid for nicotine vaporizers contains an ingredient called PG or propylene glycol. Despite having been documented as safe by the CDC, it can be very toxic when consumed in large doses.

Some mixtures however, contain EG or ethylene glycol. Though similar to PG, it breaks down into toxic by-products when it has been metabolized by the human body. Contained in things like antifreeze, EG is surely a hazardous substance.

Quality E-liquid of a USP grade will contain PG and PEG and can be purchased online with ease. Cheaper brands however, may contain EG, while still regulated to ensure safety when consumed within reason. Dabs experts say avoid products with EG and stick to the PG and PEG alternatives.