There’s nothing quite like the down-home taste of some home-grown organic pot. If you want to make your own however, then you need to make sure that you start off with a good base. Get 6+ bags of organic soil; this will be your base soil. You need to make sure that you choose a quality soil for this, so look for something in-between the $8-$10 per 30lb range. Once you have your base soil, you then need to get your super soil concentrate. This is placed one-third-to-one-half and mixed with the base soil. You can use a cement mixer to do this, or you can use a paddling pool if you want to break up the finer lumps by hand.

You’ll then want to make a mound using your soil, pouring nutrients around in a circle, before covering it up again with the base soil. Repeat this process until everything has been added. Place your mixed super soil in cans and water it just a little, adding around 3 gallons of water to each garbage can. You’ll find the soil hard to stir, but doing this will activate the mycorrhizae.

You may be tempted to add your seeds right about now, but refrain from doing so as they will burn in the mix. Instead, take your soil mixture and leave it out in the sun for around 30 days. Layer your super soil on the bottom and then add your base soil, this is so when the plants grow, they push through the nutrients efficiently.

Buds that have been grown using this method often have a smoother flavor with essences of fruit, and even though the plants aren’t always green at the time of harvest, they really are top of the market when compared to other home-grown methods.