This article is about how to make hash, and how to get the best product you can. First of all though, we’re going to talk about why you would make your own hash as opposed to buying it or just smoking regular cannabis.

Why make your own hash?
Firstly, a reason to make your own hash is actually a safety element. Due to the hash making process (more on that in a while) you can get poor quality hash from your suppliers, and it might be filled with ingredients you wouldn’t normally want to be smoking.

Secondly hash is better for storage. Fifty grams of hash is stored in a much smaller space than fifty grams of cannabis. It lasts for a lot longer, which means less wastage. You can keep a lot more of the plant that would otherwise be thrown away.
Thirdly, it has health benefits. You need a lot less hash than you do cannabis; whether your aim is a high or pain relief.

How to make your own hash?
Firstly, a word of caution: Not everybody should be doing this, and it’s not a joke. If you’re using an extractor or other piece of machinery, then you need to take safety precautions at all times. Being careful is being unharmed.

You need to extract the trichomes. You can do this with a sieve or extractor. Essentially our end product is an oil that we’re going to use to make the hash cakes or truffles (or whatever else you plan to make.) Trichomes can be collected through any mesh screen – they are the particles that filter through the mesh when you shake or sieve the cannabis. This is what we’re going to make the oil from.

Then you will need to press or heat the trichomes until they form a resin. This is your hash. Remember that safety is the paramount issue. If you are going to press the trichomes, then get a hash press. This compacts the trichomes, which you will then leave for a week or two and return to find a well created product. Don’t go cheap with your press. If you are heating the trichomes, then you need to wrap them up and make sure the package stays wet as you apply a slow heat. Only then will you be able to wait until the trichomes melt together to form the hash resin. Put your wrapped bar into the freezer and leave it to cool for a while before unwrapping.

These two methods are very simple, age-old methods of making hash. If you follow this article, you’ll see that as marijuana is legalized al over, there will be more attempts to make the process more professional. This is a great thing, because it eliminates the obstacles that the little people face. In the article above, the suggestion given is that hash production will become a movement just like microbreweries. This is something that we’ll look forward to. Until then, stay safe!