It is expected for most individuals to be subjected to one or more drug tests at some point in time in their lives. Athletes, employees (both present and prospective), students, and other category of workers may be required to provide samples of their urine, blood, saliva or hair to check for the presence of illegal substances within the body. Incidentally, the consequences are detrimental for a prospective employee who happens to fail at a drug test. It is not just employers but also the State laws in certain cases that insist upon having a drug-free atmosphere at a work place or at an educational center. While drug tests are usually conducted on specified dates with prior information, there are times especially in the case of athletes and sportspersons where drug testing is carried out on a random basis.

Types of Drug Testing

So the issue here is on how to pass a drug test without much hassle? A better understanding on the kinds of tests conducted and the way drug traces remain within the body system often helps drug users to clear drug tests by showing up negative results. Blood and urine analysis are done during the initial round of testing procedures for determining the presence of drugs. The urine is tested for its temperature and creatinine levels. Saliva testing takes in a swab of the individual’s saliva to determine whether the individual has consumed any drugs during the past few days. Most detailed testing is done with hair follicle for the presence of drugs.

Flush Out Period

In marijuana users the presence of this drug can take anywhere between 2 days to 11 weeks to clear out from the body. Hence casual users of marijuana due for a drug test should make sure not to consume the drug at least five days prior to the test. Hardcore users might need even longer time to ensure the presence of the drug is flushed out from the body. Remnants of Heroin take 2 to 4 days to be eliminated while cocaine time period for entire flush out is 24 hours to 4 days. In addition drinking plenty of water and liquids for days prior to testing is well advised. In the case of cocaine too, a minimum of 24-hour refrain period is mandatory if one wants to make sure how to pass a drug test without any problem.

If one is mandatorily required to undergoa drug test only few days after consuming these, then possibly trying out certain detoxifying products for flushing the traces of drug presence within the body would be the best alternative. Online options supplying such products in the form of pills, powder and liquid are available but check thoroughly for authentication.