If you are due for a drug test and you have ingested drugs in the past few days, then you certainly have a problem on your hands. Marijuana can stay in your system for days, and it can be hard to fully flush it from your system without appearing obvious to the testers. So how do you pass a drugs test and what should you do if you are due to take one?


If you have smoked marijuana, then you should do everything you can to flush your system. You should be careful with this, because if you hand over a vial of clear urine, your tester is likely to be suspicious. Although this doesn’t put you down as a fail, it doesn’t exactly get you in the clear either and you will likely be tested again in the near future. If you are due a drug test, don’t smoke marijuana for up to five days before, and drink plenty of water to try and flush the remainder out of your system. If you are a habitual smoker then you should avoid it up to three months before your test so you can detox from THC.


Cocaine only stays in your system for 1 to 4 days, but if you are a regular abuser, then it could be longer. If you only take it once a week, then 24 hours is the standard time allowance for passing the test. If you have taken cocaine prior to your cocaine drug test, then you could replace your urine with someone else’s, but you would need to make sure that the temperature is the same and this can be very difficult if your tester requests an immediate hand-off. Your best bet is to avoid cocaine at least 24 hours prior to your test, and you should pass with flying colours.

Parker Winship