If you want to roll the perfect blunt, then there are a few things that you should know. The first step would be to start with a cigar, such as a Dutch Master. The skins to these cigars are great for rolling blunts, but you may find that others work just as well. It really is all down to personal preference. You then need to make sure that your skin isn’t too dry, before using your thumbs to gently pry open the casing. Many people choose to use a razor blade for this, but using your fingers is just as easy if you get the right cigar.

After you have split the blunt, carefully break off the end and remove all of the cheap tobacco inside. Make sure that you also remove the outer leaf as well. After this step, you’ll have your blunt wrap ready for rolling. Add your weed and hold the wrapper between your thumb and forefinger. Be careful not to overfill your blunt, because by doing so you risk wrinkling your blunt wrapper and you might not be able to seal it properly.

Lick the end and seal it all up, make sure you have a light and enjoy.

If you find the whole process too time consuming, you could try and use Kingpin Cigar wraps, as these come pre-packaged. You may find that these are a little thinner than the cigars you buy in the store, but it is all down personal preference. After getting your wraps, grind up the bud evenly and roll your blunt to perfection.

There are many wrappers that you can use out there that make a good blunt, so it really is just trial and error when it comes to finding the right one for you. Rolling a blunt has never been easier.

Parker Winship