Medicinal marijuana users who don’t want to go through the process of lighting-up have been using THC pills for quite some time now.  The question is though: are you getting your money’s worth and are you achieving the same level of relief by not smoking/inhaling?  As more research is conducted on marijuana, the answers become much clearer.

Pill or Pot?

Synthetic marijuana in the forms of Marinol and Cesamet have been in use for a long time to treat the side effects of chemotherapy.  While these THC pills are superior methods for treatment over their opioid counterparts, new research shows that the rate of delivery is much slower than choosing to smoke it.  As much as six times slower, in fact.

With that said, while THC pills may not be the preferred method for recreational use, the effects of getting high are nearly identical in strength and, on average, the pills’ effectiveness lasts longer.

Finding the right balance of strength and endurance can be difficult for those opting for the pills.  Getting the right dosage is limited to whatever the manufacturer has available.  This can be frustrating as everyone’s needs and bodies are different; you can’t make fine-tuned adjustments like you can with rolling your own joints and controlling the frequency and amount of marijuana in each session.

Learning Nature’s Secrets

As research expands on the effects and types of marijuana, it is quickly becoming the safest and most-studied drug.  In fact, you can visit the PubMed National Library of Medicine to search for studies on marijuana and discover that it now outnumbers most FDA-approved drugs on the market.

The only reason that marijuana as a cure for illnesses appears to be a recent phenomenon in the medical field is due to the unjust laws that have prevented scientists from doing their jobs.  Being a Schedule I drug not only means it’s harder to get for the consumer, it also means that it receives the least funding for research and clinical trials.  By comparison, heroin receives much more funding by the government to study its effects and potential uses.  If this sounds absurd, well, it is and you can thank the heinous War On Drugs for that.

While some pharmaceutical drugs get the okey-dokey from the FDA with only needing to pass one clinical trial, marijuana is still struggling to be seen as legitimate in the Federal government’s eyes.