North American cannabis businesses may be in boom times, with new Canadian and U.S. markets opening up every other day. But that doesn’t mean these businesses are content to only market in our little lucrative corner of the world.

Many puveyors of cannabis and cannabis-related products are reaching out into international markets like the United Kingdom. However, there’s a bit of a legal predicament there, because weed is, you know, illegal in the U.K.

Recently, the British government has allowed for limited use of medical marijuana, but recreational is still a big no-no. And yet PAX, a prominent cannabis vaporizer company, calls the United Kingdom its biggest market outside the U.S. and Canada. How do they pull that off? Very, very carefully.

According to PAX, the PAX 3 vaporizer is really two different products. In the U.S., the device is a finely-tuned apparatus for inhaling marijuana. The company has been called the “Apple of cannabis vaporizers” and the PAX 3 the “iPhone of vaping.”

But in the United Kingdom, the same device is marketed differently. Across the pond, it is for inhaling substances such as lavender, basil, and lemongrass.

“In the U.S. it can have other uses, but we sell PAX in the U.K. as a herbal vaporizer,” J.J. O’Brien, Vice President of Strategy at PAX Labs, told VICE in an interview.

“I think what’s so unique about [the PAX 3 vaporizer] is the ability to vaporize at different temperatures, that allows you different flavor profiles to vaporize different herbs,” he elaborated. “Like lavender or lemongrass. Or any dry herb.”

That is unique. Because there are a lot of weed vapes out there, and a whole lot less lemongrass ones, especially ones whose tagline is “Life Elevated.”

Photo via Flickr user Sarah Johnson