Can weed improve one’s love life?  That depends on who you ask, but scientists say the potential is there.  The THC in marijuana interacts with the mind and body in many ways (i.e. psychoactive).  The body has receptors for cannabinoids everywhere, including the erogenous zones, and as such, various products have been launched and developed to take advantage of the rising customer base.

The enhancement of being “in the now” is one indirect way of affecting the bedroom romance.  Other products take a more direct approach by applying marijuana to personal lubricants that interact physically, creating heightened sensations.  This category of marijuana products is turning a lot of heads, as natural alternative medicine has been a hot commodity when dealing with sensitive areas of the body.

Supporters claiming marijuana, being not only safer, but more effective in treating numerous ailments, proves it could be only a matter of time before the ganj becomes an industry standard for sex help in all legal states.  At this point, it’s all about testing the compounds that can be made with marijuana.  Knowing how THC interacts with one’s genitals needs to be perfected or it could have some unintended consequences, as all of our bodies react differently.

Marijuana is a complicated plant that contains between 450 and 500 chemical compounds that have very different physiological effects on humans.  Pharmaceuticals on the market have been fairly isolated for their uses, but side-effects are what happens when drugs interact with different immune systems or chemistry in the body.  Weed dares modern pharmacological research to solve its mysteries as no two strains are alike, so there are heaps of variables at play here.

One of those mysteries is dosage. Smaller amounts may make users sexually frisky, whereas larger amounts may leave some people feeling too high.  And as we know, getting too stoned can be the end of a night of hyper sextivities.   A little is optimal, unless you’re an uber-smoking mensch whose viral appetite can only be sated by more drugs and coitus like the Dabs Editors.

Weed reacts differently in different people, as almost every other substance consumed by humans. Strain-types are important, dosage probably even more, and lastly intention; getting into that mindful sexy place where you can connect with your partner (or driving head-first into pleasure town).