In this brutal election cycle, the candidates need anything they can get their hands on to fuel their tough-going campaigns through whirlwinds of email scandals and dick size comparisons. For Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, that fuel is a record-breaking number of small donations and, like any campaign worth talking about, a little bit of weed.

Not that the Vermont Senator is directly receiving or supplying cannabis. Just that his supporters seem to be more 420-friendly and so cannabis can’t help but work its way into his campaign’s economy.

Take, for instance, the case of the Colorado Bernie campaign volunteer who got an ounce of weed as a gift while doing door-to-door canvassing, as reported by The Cannabist.

“She was leaning toward Hillary (Clinton),” said Greg Duran, describing his encounter with one of his neighbors while canvassing. “But I was able to have a door conversation specifically about why Bernie is a better choice for us. Immediately there was a deeper understanding of how this new president will affect us as cannabis patients — and then she told me she makes (pot-infused) topicals and creams.”

The woman was so taken with Duran’s talking points that she inquired as to how legal it would be to give him a little bit of nugs as a present for a job well done. It just so happened that Duran was also an active advocate of the Cannabis Patients Alliance, and he knew all the legal mumbo jumbo, so he told her, “‘Anybody can give anybody an ounce any time as a gift.’ I told her what’s legally OK here, and then she went ahead and said, ‘Hey, lemme give you an ounce.’

“She grew her own … She grabbed a Ziploc bag and gave me what she had in a jar. She said, ‘This is a gift for you being out there and having a real conversation with people.’ And that’s exactly what Colorado allows us to do — that’s the beauty of what we did here.”

Then, just for a little bit of wax icing on a Blue Dream cake, there’s the case of the Portland, Oregon pot shop donating part of its proceeds to the Sanders campaign. According to KGW-TV, a store called Foster Buds is giving away 10 percent of sales from their “Farmer 12” line of pre-rolled joints

“Everything he’s looking to do is for the betterment of us. He’s looking to keep the medical community, he sees the advancements — so why not support him?” said store manager Ken Martin.

Sanders, of course, is the most progressive of the major presidential candidates, and has vowed not only to remove cannabis entirely from America’s list of controlled substances, but also to expunge records of some previously convicted of cannabis-related crimes.