Colorado has indicted a total of 32 people implicated in an organization alleged to have moved pot across state lines, netting around $12 million during a four year period.

The organization apparently took over 400lbs of weed grown in Denver to Minnesota. This made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a run. Law enforcements have been collecting all those who have been charged and so far at least five people have been arrested.

The operation was called “Operation Golden Go-fer” which is a reference to the informant who provided “go-fer” services, and also to the University of Minnesota mascot. A number of warehouses run by licensed caregivers were also raided in October in connection with the traffickers, but were allegedly supplying weed to be run to Minnesota. Their real goal was to hide in plain sight so they did not have any real reason to be investigated.

The indictment alleges that the owners of the grow facilities set up the operation in California before moving it over to Colorado. Members of the organization feel as though Colorado’s weak enforcement structure gave them plenty of opportunities to conduct illegal activity with very little consequences from law enforcement agencies, the indictment says.