With both the medical and recreational marijuana industries booming like crazy lately, it’s no surprise that many people are becoming interested in the processes of growing and cultivating the cannabis plant. One of the most popular methods for growing marijuana over the past few years, if not decades, has been hydroponically. Hydro, as it’s called, is in simplest terms weed that’s been grown without the use of soil as the medium. The process of growing hydro is not necessarily the easiest way to grow weed, especially when compared to traditional growing in soil, but it does offer its many benefits such as higher yields, speeding up the growing time and producing high quality crystallized buds.

There are many ways that growing experts choose to grow their plants hydroponically, from replacing the soil with something known as rockwool, a stone wool mineral fiber, for the roots to hold on to or even suspending the roots in the air and feeding them with a nutrient rich spray. To keep your plants growing at optimal speed and quality, a grower has to make sure that the plants are getting enough light, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and other essential nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur. It’s best to make a spray to feed your plants and be sure to only use filtered water when watering them so you’re not polluting the roots with harmful materials.

Also, take into consideration that you want your grow room to have proper ventilation as this is crucial to the quality and vibrancy of the plant produced. It’s recommended you create your own duct system or stock up on a few fans to get the air circulating. Other than that, the maintenance of the plants if fairly easy and there are many tools and accessories, such as high quality LED lighting systems, that can help you cultivate some fine looking hydro buds in no time.