To echo MedMen’s advertising, smelling weed in public is “the new normal.” The smell is becoming more and more common in many cities throughout the U.S. and Canada in recent years. However, not everybody has made the adjustment.

In fact, a good chunk of Americans consider sniffing the dank in public a big problem, according to a new survey from BuzzFeed News, PSB Research, Civilized, and Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW).

23% of those surveyed said “I hate when I smell cannabis in public.” 18% said they don’t hate it, but they don’t like it either. Another 18% said they do like it. And 41% said they either don’t notice the smell of weed or don’t care one way or the other about it when they do.

BuzzFeed showed a major interest in the topic, asking more questions about how much Americans dislike the smell of weed. For instance, they wanted to know if Americans thought the smell of weed in public was “a problem.” 23% said it was a major problem, 28% said it was a minor problem, another 28% said it was “not really a problem,” and 21% said it was “not a problem at all.”

Interestingly, people’s likes and dislikes toward the dank smell weren’t necessarily reflective of their views on weed in general. Despite how they feel about the odor, 84% of Americans surveyed said they’re in favor of legalizing recreational and/or medical cannabis.

Even a lot of stoners reported that they didn’t want to smell any cannabis when they were out in about. One third of current cannabis users said it was a problem, with one in ten calling it a major problem.

Intolerance toward the smell of weed is even more pronounced in Canada. Of our neighbors to the north who were surveyed, 57% reported they either hate or dislike the smell of weed in public and 60% said it was a problem.