This spring marked my one-year anniversary of moving to California and, almost equally significant – getting my medical marijuana rec. I decided to celebrate my first year of legal weed by getting stoned the most decadent way I could imagine – by throwing a super lavish edible tasting party.

Though I’m big into edibles, I’ve gotten a little sick of a lot of my old standbys: gummies and lozenges – this seemed like a great excuse to try some new treats. I decided to go with a selection of Venice Cookie Company drinks and 420 Bars. I also snagged a pack of their bagel bites, which I hadn’t seen on the shelves of my local dispensary.



A few hours before the party, I brewed some of the Subtle Tea to use in a non alcoholic cannabis cocktail to serve to guests. I’ve never been totally sure if the potency of this particular product, and have been told different things about the best way to prepare it: one budtender told me the cannabis in the PM tea was “milk activated” (who puts milk in herbal tea?), but the Venice Cookie Co. website recommends brewing it for as little as ten minutes or as long as twelve hours. Since the drink had another strong cannabis-rich ingredient, and was mostly meant as a social offering, I opted for closer to twenty minutes.


Stoney The Mule

1oz Venice Cookie Co. Cannabis Quencher Lemonade

2oz Venice Cookie Co. Subtle Tea Green Tea

4oz ginger beer

1/6 oz lime juice

Brew subtle tea and let steep for at least 10-15 minutes, or longer for greater potency. Chill. Combine Lemonade, Green Tea, and Ginger Beer in a highball glass filled with ice. Stir, then add lime juice. Garnish with a lime slice and a few stems.

I told my guests that they could either go by their first names, full names, or choose pseudonyms if their jobs or relatives might frown on them gorging themselves on weed food.

The first guests to arrive were Ricky Sativa and Silent Cal, who showed up around 8:30. I had some subtle tea and a bagel bite, and Rick had a piece of the CBD chocolate. Cal said he would hold off on the chocolate because he had overdone it the week before when he ate almost all of a 420 bar on a crime tour.

“Weedy,” Ricky said. “More weed chocolate than dark chocolate.” We decided to wait a little longer for the main attraction, a showing of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, and started the Netflix Aziz Ansari standup special. “We should act out Harry Potter instead.” Rick said. “Is the script online?” Silent Cal claimed Snape, and I said I wanted to be Draco but felt more qualified to be a Draco understudy.

Thor was next to arrive, and quickly broke into the CDB bar, which was proving popular. “I LOVE CBD” He declared, and begun playing with the cat. We decided to crack open the first of the flavored Cannabis Quenchers, the Strawberry Lemonade. “Very sweet.” Silent Cal commented, “There’s kind of an earwaxy taste, which I don’t mind because it cuts the weed.”

“Taste like one of those things you pull…” Rick held up an image on his phone.  “Hugs?”


We were starting to get a little weird. “Edibles and Aziz do not mix.” Rick declared. “I’m terrified of edibles” he added, sipping Strawberry lemonade. “I’ve thrown up on an airplane. Is this good? I can’t tell.” By ten I had stopped doling out the edibles systematically, but tried to check in with a tally. It looked like this.

You can see the phrase “oh no I’ve had too much” scrawled under my tally. Just then, the phone rang. It was our friend Lily, saying she, Mowgli and Felicity P had just left a standup comedy night and were heading over. The phone ringing then was probably the most frightening part of my edible-experience. “I got scared!” I explained, like a baby, holding up my iphone. “I understand.” A super-faded Rick commiserated. “A universe is knocking every time your phone rings.” I nodded.

We broke into two more of the 420 bars: dark chocolate with sea salt, and toffee, which turned out to be our favorite. Silent Cal proposed that the weed enhanced the toffee flavor and gave it a “kick.” “YUM” I wrote in big letters in my notebook.

We threw on Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban around this time. I was so hungry. After a long pizza vs. ramen debate, we decided to order a pizza. Lily saw a book I had about Ronald Regan, and tried to talk to me about him – a conversation I was wholly unable to participate in and do not especially remember. I think I said I thought Reagan “wasn’t the worst guy” which was less of an opinion I held then or have held ever, and more an attempt to assert my loose command of the English language in the easiest way possible. I noticed I had begun to draw this pizza, and these spooky men falling.


“Why did I draw these men?”

Mowgli laughed loudly. “Those are so scary! Put them away!” Felicity P. had seemingly done whatever the cannabis version of an Irish Goodbye (Denver Goodbye? Jamaican Goodbye?) and ghosted off into Mowgli’s room to watch something on her laptop. “It made watching simply everything,” She told me later.

At some point, I decided to chat up an eat 24 customer service rep. Why? Dunno!


edibles6edibles7Meanwhile, our talk had turned back to Potter. “Why is Harry always in the infirmary?” I complained. “Yeah,” Cal agreed is there one book where he doesn’t go to the infirmary?” The pizza arrived, and the party began to wind down.


One by one, we begun to retire to individual sleeping areas and guests left in ubers and cars. This morning, Lily, who had to leave a little early, emailed me a review of the product she opted for:

I held the dark chocolate with flecks of nuts between my fingers. I contemplated the delicacy. flecks of nuts. nice packaging. no seeds or stems. luxury. Edible marijuana. Human ingenuity. Pain relief. Existential scratch-post. I ate it and drove home and took a shower and wrapped myself in PJ’s. 55 minutes and the high sprouted. “The back of the legs first” as Burroughs used to say. Though this was no junk. This is professional-grade luxury for the professional working person. I was high by 11:30 and I was asleep by 12:45. In that hour i was awarded the focus to get into deep and soothing breathing. In that hour I was awarded the focus to watch twenty five minutes of Ryan Trecartin’s “I-Be-Area” with an extra investment of attention and enthusiasm for reading between the lines. That is a fulfilling, mind-expanding experience for which I have to thank the Venice Cookie Co. The combination of heady high-brow video art consumption and access to the lowest register of my stomach for deep breathing had me smooth and tuckered out by 12:30. So I unplugged and lay my head down. The chocolate was still coursing through my veins and I was seized with momentary panic: will I be able to sleep? The next moment, like the best of customer service, the chocolate river in my veins let me know that it could keep on rolling without my direct attention. I should make myself comfortable. So I did and went to sleep. I woke up with that clarifying fuzzy post-coital feeling. I wrote this review from work. I’m functioning and then some.

I also woke up to some texts from Rick.



All in all, the party was a great time, though we definitely overstocked and overate. Going in, I was most curious about whether it be a social experience at all or we would simply be “all on our own journeys” – and it definitely was a little of both. My favorite products were by and large, the Quenchers and Toffee 420 bar. Towards the end of the night, we found some of the stonger tasting quenchers (grape, cherry) were best served in a spritzer type drink with seltzer, which cut some of the sweetness and made them a little less potent, so we could try more.

I was worried that the free-for all might sour me on some of my favorite weed treats, but was surprised to find the opposite – it gave me a lot of ideas for how to share edibles socially and combine them with non weed food and drinks in tasty creative ways. Have a cool original edible recipe, twist on dispensary goods, or 420 party plan? Send it our way to [email protected]