Canada made world history last year when it became the first world power to legalize cannabis. But somebody should have told Canadian stoners that, because it looks like most of them are still calling their black market dealer.

The black market is projected to dominate the white in Canada’s first full year of sales, according to data from Scotiabank analysis and reported by VICE.

In 2019, illegal sales are predicted to make up 72% of recreational cannabis sales, though that number could drop to as low as 38% in 2020.

The reason why so many hoser potheads are sticking with their old-fashioned illicit ways probably has a lot to do with Canada’s now infamous legal weed supply problems. Licensed cannabis production “appears to be facing a temporary bottleneck rather than a supply shortage,” according to Scotiabank.

Part of the problem is that licensed producers haven’t gotten used to new stringent regulations in the nation’s marijuana program. Issues such as packaging restrictions and government site inspections have slowed down the production process.

VICE notes that while licensed producers put out about 240 metric tons of cannabis product a month, they have another 137 metric tons of “unfinished and finished inventory” which “they have been unable to convert product to finished inventory and stock shelves.”

Financial analysts wrote that the country was “clearly too optimistic on the time it would take for a nascent, bureaucratic industry growing a temperamental plant to ramp.”

With the possibility of the United States legalizing cannabis in the next couple of years, maybe it would be a good idea to learn from our neighbors to the north how not to screw it up.

Photo via Flickr user WeedPornDaily