Illinois is running out of weed! The state just legalized cannabis on January 1 and, as is often the case for newbie states, it is having some growing pains as it gets used to its brand new booming market.

The good news is that, as far as concentrates and edibles, Illinois is doing just dandy. It’s only that old fashioned green flower that’s in short supply.

According to Fox 32in Chicago, the shortage is caused by a perfect storm of hasty planning and forces from the state’s medical marijuana market.

The cannabis legalization bill was only signed last summer, giving the state a mere six months to put a thought-out system in place before the legal market opened last month. As a result, recreational licenses weren’t issued until August.

In addition, Illinois’s medical marijuana market recently added more qualifying conditions, allowing for 37,000 more MMJ patients.

Beyond all that, there’s also just the fact of high demand. The state had the second highest grossing weed debut in U.S. history, with consumers spending $39.2 million in January.

Area cannabis providers are confident that they can meet the demand, but it will take time.

“Don’t forget they can’t exactly speed up this process. They are plants, it takes time, it takes four months to go from seed to shelf,” Jason Erkes of Cresco Labs told Fox 32.

Cresco’s Director of Cultivation Jessica Ryan agrees. “By mid to end of spring, things should level off a little bit and the supply will meet the demand better than it is today.”

Photo via Flickr/Dank Depot