CBD is nice and all for patients suffering from severe epilepsy, but Indiana’s lawmakers know what the state’s residents really need to get well: guns, guns, guns.

Indiana already has open carry laws without requirement for background checks to purchase guns, but some people think that’s just not good enough. That’s why a bill which was supposed to provide medicine to state residents had its language describing CBD regulation removed in favor of more permissive gun laws.

If approved, the bill would give Indianans free lifetime handgun permits. It would also, according to WDBR.com, “allow churches with schools to allow church members to carry guns to church events.”

Gun-advocating lawmakers had already tried to push these measures through in seperate bills earlier this year, but both proposals failed to gain traction. So, they attached the ideas to the CBD regulation bill in the hopes that it would slip past.

Surprisingly, some people are none too pleased with the last minute Trojan Horse fakeout. The move “was met with a good deal of push back during the meeting Monday morning” during a meeting Monday, according to WDBR.

“What concerns me more is the process than the substance of this bill,” said Rep. (D) Matt Pierce. “The process we’re using, it’s being done to help legislators hide from their constituents.”

Rep. (R) Ben Smaltz, mastermind behind the switcheroo, said his swapout was within the rules of state legislature.

Hopefully people in the state hoping to soothe their medical conditions with CBD will be able to take comfort in being slightly more able to acquire and carry firearms.

Photo via Flickr user Dean Hochman