One Indiana lawmaker has drawn the conclusion that even though he does not support the legalization of marijuana, it is inevitable and the state should be prepared for it happening. Senator Carlin Yonder revealed in a recent interview with the Elkhart Truth that even though there is a lot of controversy surrounding the legalisation of marijuana, he thinks that it is bound to happen in the near future. He went on to say that it doesn’t mean he will simply step aside and let it happen.

Carlin has also said that he hopes that the legalisation to allow recreational marijuana is driven by common sense and not greed. Carlin believes that drugs are not healthy for families and they are also not healthy for society, so legalising the product would be a clear mistake because the end goal isn’t about the revenue. He said the state makes plenty of money by gambling and other taxes, so he’s dubious of the need to rake in dough from legalized marijuana. But he still, like most lawmakers with a brain, has to admit it’s coming.

Karin Tallian, another Indiana Senator, has been fighting to try and loosen the laws regarding marijuana in the state by introducing a decriminalisation bill. This is nowhere near being approved, but she thinks Colorado has shown Indiana how to conduct a tax-operated marijuana trade, and so another legal piece of legalisation may well be introduced next year.

Tallian said she might even try medical marijuana or the legalization program because she feels as though it is time that Indiana did something about this movement.

A cannabis lobbyist for Re-legalize Indiana, Bill Levin, states that Tallian is on the right track about the marijuana movement, and he believes that in the next few elections, people will vote out those who aren’t in line with it.