The middle of the desert isn’t the easiest place to grow flowers, blast wax, or start a collective, but if it was easy, everyone would be running the same game as KC Concentrates. Based out of the Coachella Valley, KC somehow manages to grow outdoor in the high heat and frosty cold of desert life, blast a wide variety of product with a specialty in BHO shatter, run a delivery service they hope to soon expand into a brick and mortar store, and keep a presence in California festivals and cups.

In between all that plus engaging with local charities, the KC fellows managed to spare us a few minutes to talk about ice water extraction in 115 heat, how the next president will affect the industry and getting dabbed the fuck out by Brutal Bee.



Forum Cookie BHO nug run

  1. What’s your favorite wax that you make or have made?

Shatter is by far our favorite. It’s a thing of beauty when the right material is ran. As far as favorite batch, had a small batch of chocolope come through that was perfect. Looks, smell, flavor. Never seen the nugs again. Lol.

  1. Which solvents do you prefer and why?

Butane. When it cools off this winter we are going to try some ice water extractions. We live in the desert where it get above 115° so not ideal conditions for IWE.

  1. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve ever faced and how did you get past it?

Pretty much the same obstacles that every small biz goes through. I guess I would say getting our grow going. It’s a lot more work than we expected. But so worth it when it works out.


A future slab. Thin Mint Cookies grown by KC

4. When did you start to feel like you were really good at this?

It had to be the 2013 LA Cannabis Cup. When we were taking free dabs at the booths and we realized the stuff we had in our packs was just as good as SOME of the booths. But there was others that showed us we still had a long way to go. But I guess that is when we realized we were on the right tracks.

5.Where do you think your business will be in 2 years?

That’s almost an impossible question. 2 years ago we would have never imagined we would be where we are. It really all depends on a lot of different things. Our ideal situation would [be] to have a shop ([we’re] delivery only right now) and just keep expanding. It all really depends on what happens in 2016. Is recreational going to be voted in? We just never know what’s next in the industry. That’s a tough question.

6.If you had a career in another industry, what would it be?

We would probably be back doing construction. Lol.

7.What was it like the first time you dabbed?

First extract I got was from Brutal Bee. He was working with a delivery Green Pedal and they dropped a sample of it and I just topped off a bowl with it. Got so stoned. Lol. And first I dabbed was at work at a dispensary and just remember the cough… lol trying to compose myself to deal with vendors haha.

8.What do you wake up in the morning thinking about?

Depends on what the issue of the day was the night before. It’s either about finding products to run, what we need to be done at the lab, what we’re going to run for the secret cup, grow schedule stuff, etc.

9.Who is your favorite competitor?

Ahhh man that’s another tough one. We just did judging in the secret cup and 3rd Gen Families/Moonshine Melts entered a zkittlez full melt and that was amazing. Warrior Extractions had the single best extract we ever tried. It was his Gogo OG 6* melt he entered the cup with. The last couple full melts we tried from Emerald Alchemy were really good and not over-priced. We don’t purchase a lot of bho as we usually have an abundance of it and we enter most the secret cups so we get those EPIC judge kits to satisfy our curiosity.

10.What’s the most important question facing the cannabis business right now?

Who our next president is. If the wrong person (for our industry) gets into office they can start the crackdowns on dispensaries again and take a huge step backwards. And that goes all the way down to your city councils and state legislatures too.

11.Where can people find your product?

Patiens can find us either at Café Cabana in Thousand Palms or we deliver to anywhere in the Coachella Valley. We can be reached at 760-895-5708 or find us on Weedmaps.


Goo Berry nugs BHO blasted and cooking in an Across International Oven


All photos courtesy of KC Concentrate’s IG