There are backyard blasters rinky-dinking tane soup one batch at a time, then there are extraction artists who step up their game to make a wax that can match their taste, and then there are renaissance extractors – those scientist/artist hybrid outfits who concoct runs of the variety and quality you can only get with experience, brains, funds, and a wild glee driving them try to get their shit right using whatever tools are at their disposal. SG Extracts controls their products from the grow through the blast, running with every type of solvent under the sun to gain the desired effect for that specific batch.

We were lucky enough to get AJ from SG Extracts to talk to us about his methods, overcoming every hurdle the law and life set up on his path, and taking SG into the future of the industry.

What’s your favorite wax you make or have made?
My favorite sativa has been the “lemon crack”, a mix of green crack and super lemon haze that creates a flavorful palette pleaser. My favorite indica was the “Moonwalker og” live resin, this too has unbelievable flavor, but carries the og kick to the chest we all love so much.

What solvents do you use, and why?

We use a variety of solvents for various processes. The majority of what we do uses a mix of butane/propane (our favorite over all for extract), but we have ethanol, hexane, iso, glycerine, and co2 if we were to ever need any for a particular process. For instance, I’ve used ethanol to repair over Dewaxed slabs for some friends multiple times.

What equipment does your lab consist of, and how many people operate it?

The lab consists of about 30′ of stainless steel tables outlining the room.  On half the tables you’ll find 1.9cu ovens for a total of five, and two 1.5 cu ovens that are now back ups making the grand total 7 ovens. We have both a MK series cls and glass tubes, we use glass still pretty often for our top notch stuff. We have (2) 20cu ft. lab freezers that go to -80c and are used for product that needs lab grade dewaxing (we have Dewaxed product for over a month straight using this setup). We can create product that will not budder up by normal means using this. We have a ton of parchment paper, gloves, and cleaners throughout the facility. We have an outdoor area for any open blasting contracts, and each employee has a proper rated face mask and goggles. Some small things are micron filters, funnels, vac assist pumps, mason jars, stainless steel utensils and vessels, heat exchanger, wine cooler with humidity control, and i think that covers most of it.


Moonwalker OG


What do you look for in great hash oil?

To me it’s the basics, smell taste and high. If it has a discernable nose and taste I’ll try it, if it continues with a good high, I’ll like it.

What was the biggest obstacle youve faced and how did you get past it?
Biggest obstacles in this industry have been legal, i got past them by never giving in, working hard, and always pleading not guilty. Biggest obstacles in life would just be position and resources, coming from a broken home like almost everyone here and not having any money to work with, i knew at 14 marijuana was my industry, got my diploma equivalent at 15, took botany at occ at 16 and was selling clones to la dispensaries in 2004-5. Countless ebbs and flows along the ride, i caught a mmj case facing 4 felonies at 19yrs that almost ruined me… You can never give up on your passion, just push through the ups and downs and one day you’ll realize your way ahead of where you started.

When did you start to feel like you were really good at this?

It took me a good 6 months to get in the groove and really apply the science available to our simple extracts.

Where do you see your business in two years?

If recreational use becomes legal, i see us finishing up licensing permits and city inspections for the lab around this time frame, contracting for permanent nurseries and facilities throughout cali and by then we will have received all the legal company paperwork required. All in all, we should just be starting off in a major capacity.

What was it like the first time you dabbed?

I had to take a nap that day lol

What do you wake up in the morning thinking about?
I genuinely think about everything I need to do today.

Who is your favorite extract competitor?
My Fav has been WCC, always quality and they have some of the best flavors available, they are also from OC.

What’s the most important question facing the cannabis business right now?
How can we operate freely and reach our full potential.

Where can people find your product?
Best place to check for drops is on our instagram page @sgextracts@kushhouseoc_  usually has flavors along with @theocog @nhapaalternative and a few other oc/la spots. We have a website coming out this year too!


Workflow at SG HQ

 All pics via SG’s IG