It was like The Purge, but just with drugs, and everyone had Liam Neeson’s accent.

If you wanted to access legalized drugs in Ireland, you just missed your chance. Ketamine, Ecstasy and various other drugs were legal to possess until 12 am this morning. The three-judge court of appeal decided that the 1977 drugs act was based on a technicality, and that it was created without the agreement of the Irish Parliament.

Apparently all controlled substances listed under section 2 ceased control being illegal earlier this week. Possession was no longer a punishable offense, and that included psychoactive substances, benzodiazepines and ecstasy. The incident caused understandable chaos in the Irish government as they desperately tried to put in place a new emergency legislation law to try and patch up the loop hole. The earliest this could be put into place was Thursday.

However, this didn’t apply to major recreational drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Selling drugs is still illegal, but it is not illegal to possess. For the next 24 hours however, you can possess these drugs without having to worry about prosecution. This incident could also invalidate allegations against many people currently facing drug convictions, such as Leo Varadkhar the Irish Prime Minister of Health.

So start digging through 1970s legal records. Maybe someone in the Jimmy Carter administration forgot to cross a “t” on a bill and we can get some accidental legalization too.