It almost seems too obvious: he’s one of the biggest rappers in the world who hails from one of the biggest legal weed markets in the world. So why is it that Drake has waited until now to put out his own legal cannabis brand?

This week CNN reported that the man/myth/legend Drake will soon launch his very own cannabis company, More Life Growth Company. The company is a jointventure with Canopy Growth, the behemoth Canadian cannabis corporation, which has made something of a specialty of partnering on weed brands with celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, and Martha Stewart.

So with all those other celebs hawking their bud all over the place, will Drake still be able to make a dent in the market or is he just too dang late to the party? Some experts say the dude’s got nothing to worry about.

“I don’t think they’ve reached full saturation yet,” Ryan McConnell, senior vice president at of brand consulting firm Kantar Futures, told CNN. According to McConnell, it’s celebrties like Drake who could eventually lead to that full on market saturation. Once trusted public figures all start selling the public weed, he argues, even more of the public is going to want to buy that weed.

Diana Eberlein, an entertainment marketing specialist, says, “Drake is such a big name,” but “it really depends on how he drives the brand moving forward.”

As for why it took Drake so much longer than other celebrities to start his own weed brand. Hard to say. But there is one funny conspiracy theory out there that Drake actually doesn’t know to smoke weed.

Photo via Flickr/musicentropy