7 years ago, Kathryn Wick worked as a child crime detective in Texas. She entered a house and suddenly lost her breath. She says that she left the scene and she was instantly treated with an EpiPen and some severe allergy medication. Shortly after, she found out that the house contained large amounts of marijuana; even so, she brushed it off and continued her job as normal. When she attended another house on the other side of the country, she experienced the same symptoms, and now every time she is around marijuana, she has the same reaction.

Medical marijuana is doing a lot of good for patients across the country, but there are some people that are never going to get lifted from cannabis. “They say it helps with glaucoma, it helps with cancer patients – and I’m so thrilled that it does that,” Wick told US News. “But I’m sitting over here in the corner saying, ‘What about me?’”

Researchers have stated that they don’t actually know how many people are allergic to the substance, but allergists have noticed an increase in the amount of people that attend their clinics. Many experts aren’t sure as to what the allergen could be, whether it is the THC or another cannabinoid. It is a known fact that some people react to different compounds and in reality, it is never the pollen that causes the reaction, but more the biochemical level that the pollen is at.

Marijuana is still illegal in some states and this makes it very difficult for researchers to test the substance. With marijuana production on the rise, people like Wick now have to go out of their way to avoid the substance because it could have life threatening consequences. She has even stated that if it did become legal in Texas, that she would have to stay at home on disability benefits just to stay alive because of the extreme reaction she has when in contact with the substance.