We were reading this article recently, and we thought we’d give our own thoughts on whether consuming marijuana is a safe practice for a pregnant woman. Obviously, this article doesn’t constitute medical advice, and you need to be careful before you make any choices for the sake of your own health and the health of your new born child. So we think you should do your own research, and don’t take any one person’s word as gospel.

The first thing you should think about when it comes to reading studies as well as your own life, is think about marijuana on its own versus marijuana with other drugs. As regular users know, there’s a difference between smoking weed on its own and smoking weed with alcohol or tobacco. This goes doubly true for hard drugs. So if you’re pregnant and you smoke, remember that even if the weed doesn’t hurt your baby, your other habits might. We want you to keep that baby healthy.

If you read our other articles, you’ll realize that there are clear political agendas when it comes to marijuana. It used to be that farmers in this country were required to grow cannabis because it was so useful for many things. It used to be freely available as an over the counter medicine. Yet now it isn’t. Remember that when you read a study that says marijuana is terrible for newborns and during pregnancy. Think, “Is there an agenda here?”

For instance, read the article we linked to above. The lady who studied Jamaican marijuana practices during pregnancy was a doctor funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. You’d think that such a large body would be concerned with finding the truth. Instead, they are concerned with making sure that the conclusion that they want is the one that they get.